Stock Market Trading App

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Hey, guys! Check out our recent attempt to design a stock market trading app ✌

💸 This is an app for stockbrokers, they can see their share portfolios, their progress and news about companies. At the same time the brockers can communicate with each other and share their news.

📈 The left screen is the main screen of the app — you can see the user’s profile, the number of subscriptions, followers and posts. Lower is the newsfeed with posts about stocks — users can share news with their followers, react to the posts and leave comments. The right screen shows a particular post. Here users can leave comments and discuss stocks with each other.

🔮 The app is presented in dark theme, because we wanted to make it convenient for users. It helps their eyes to rest. Purple is the accent color — it calms users and stimulates them at the same time. It also creates a contrast with the dark background.

🤙 Stock market can be social too — this app allows users to discuss stocks and monitor the stock market!

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Created by Victoria Minaeva

Purrweb UI
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