I'm literally at the peak of my excitement for all time I've been a player at Dribbble. I can finally start sharing my own and all time favorite digital product, Fluently.

Fluently is a mobile application for finding language exchange partners to practice a language you're learning with.

Fluently works like living in a foreign country. Speak naturally and comfortably by learning from native speakers in their own dialects.

The idea for the logo came pretty naturally. I wanted to combine a concept of a card stack - the UI is mainly cards you can swipe (it's not Tinder tho!) and the mascot, the chameleon named Lee. The reason for the cards to be a different color - well, people are all different. The color variety also aligns with the chameleon's ability to change color as it sees fit.

Why chameleon?

Just like chameleons adapt to their environment without changing who they are, the best way to learn a language is to immerse into the environment by practicing with a native speaker. We can all agree, learning a second language is not just about learning grammar and lexicon, it's often expanding on the way you think. There was no better symbol I could come up with and so Lee was born.

We're currently polishing the landing and there's so much more to share with you, friends.

Stick around!

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