Menara Pandang (The Tower of View)

Menara Pandang (The tower of view) is an icon in the city of Banjarmasin, South Borneo, Indonesia. The tower is located at Siring Tandean 0 KM, Banjarmasin city. The tower was inaugurated in June 2014.

This Pandang Tower has four floors. Now on the 3rd floor, it is an open area, so visitors can see the scenery around and below from this third floor. Especially when the weather is clear, the view of Banjarmasin City looks very beautiful.

No wonder the Pandang Tower is visited by many tourists, both domestic and foreign, and is used as a tourist icon in Banjarmasin. The reason is because of its strategic location and from the floor of the tower, visitors can see several other Banjarmasin tourist icons such as the river Martapura and the dome of the Sabilal Muhtadin Great Mosque.

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