Locals Only Flash

Locals only flash

I've been a prospect on Dribbble ever since my friend told me about it almost 4 years ago. (I even payed to go 'pro' once thinking I would be able to post & comment on here.. haha.) This website has been a bookmark on many computers, tablets, etc. & I've had the pleasure of looking at all of your guys's amazing work. So thank you all for that.
If I can give the people here (especially you prospects out there) even half of the inspiration I have gotten throughout the years, I think that would be pretty sick.

This shot goes out to the person who drafted me @Ben Kocinski. We stumbled across each others Instagram a little while ago & it's been on going stoke ever since.

Here are some different illustrations I made for a buddy of mine's photography/art company that he plans on making a stamp out of so he can mark his packages when he ships out prints, merch, etc.

Let the good times roll!


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