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Yo, friends! Check out how the Purrweb team designed a Tickets aggregator app! 🎟

🎫 On the left screen there are categories where you can filter events by categories: concerts, restaurants, theater, and movies. Below are cards with the nearest events by date. The card contains the date, name of the event, and its category.

🎬 The second screen — the event page itself. In this case, it's a movie show. There is a name, date and time of the event and category, there may be some of it. You can buy a ticket for the event inside the app. Some brief information about the event has also been added.

🌚 In the app, the accent color is black, because it is neutral. This is done for a convenient way to form color categories and not to connect them to the accent color of the entire app.

All the main events in the city are collected in this app and you can quickly decide what to do on the weekend 🥳

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Created by Polina Tolmacheva

Purrweb UI
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