We Are All Made of Stars

I was recently commissioned by the fantastic Fine Acts to create a poster for their 'Reimagining Human Rights' project.

The brief was to create a striking poster that focuses on sending a hopeful and positive message about human rights.

The piece I created is called 'We are all made of stars'.

The inspiration behind it was an article I recently read on the National Geographic. It was about how us humans and the universe are built of the same material - stardust. We all are originally made of the remains of exploding stars.

My poster celebrates the scientific fact that we all are connected to one another and to the universe through stardust. All humans have a shared origin - we are equally made of stars.

You can download this piece for non-commercial use here:

Hoping to see this lady help us all remember what a miracle it is that we all get to be here together.

Let's focus on what connects us, not on what separates us.

Leena Kisonen
Celebrating life through illustration

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