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One of my last favorite projects it’s creating a new visual performance for the Company that has rebranding. The CRM software company which helps business become structured and successful. Why did I like this project so much? I had the free will to change everything in CRM Interface, and the actual Product Landing Page was build according to the new UI, so I created a one-concept product that continues its idea in every single block design by me.
Problem: Rebranding, it’s a challenge for every well-known Company since everyone already identifies it by the logo, colors, and overall visual influence. To create a new Visual impression with strong build recognition, “Hey, it’s the new identity of Company X. Have you seen it?” Actually, it was a problem which I was trying to solve.

🎯 Goal
To create an entirely new but exciting design, observing the original style and conveying the client’s main idea. And the most challenging and exciting thing is associating the previous branding with the new one not to lose its social identity. An exact and converting landing grocery site with relaxed and modern styling and interfaces

✅ Solution
It was not an obvious decision to choose an accent color for the name of the CRM system - Orange. The correct elements in typography and interface elements played a role, in contrast, adding the APP’s integrity and the landing page. Call to Actions buttons are transmitted through the screens - “try it, and you won’t regret it.”

A play of textures in the background and modern, stylish illustrations complement the Company deliciously. I will say to garlic - I am delighted with the result.
I hope you enjoyed it too.

Design — Figma
Illustrations — Illustrator
Animation — AE

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