Starbucks Design Gallery

Since I was a design student in 2009, I really admired Starbucks for their design and creativity. I began collecting their gift cards and mugs and the next thing I knew, I had hundreds if not thousands of them catalogued and carefully stored away. Along the way I discovered that Starbucks had a cult following in collectors for these exact same items. Starbucks has really gave many people in the design and creative industry a medium to collaborate and work on amazing pieces. From copywriters, to illustrators, architects, designers and more- people globally have been able to enjoy great designs because of Starbucks. During the pandemic I sat down and began digitalizing these designs I've collected and began piecing together the creatives who worked on many of the pieces. The result is the still in progress site-
I hope to get far long enough and be able to reach out to some of these creatives about their work and process! I think it can be very enlightening!

Posted on Nov 27, 2020
JJ Lee
Product Designer, Design Educator, Sneaker Lover & Explorer

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