Cogsy is a proactive approach to inventory management.

The wonderful Adii (prev Co-Founder of WooCommerce) reached out looking for a collaboration on his new startup brand. It was clear from the start how knowledgable, devoted and mindful he was on all matters e-commerce - we also shared a similar set of values, which was refreshing.

With the almighty team @Rosie and @liamjbush, we packed brand strategy, 3 rounds of conceptual exploration and a brand guide in to a few weeks.

How did the logo come about?
Well if truth be told the original conception of this was a sketch from Rosie. Quite honestly I could not nail a concept, I did produce quite a few but they felt lacklustre compared to this beauty. Look out for a further post showing the other routes in the coming days.

Was it difficult to get right?
It took many attempts to get the mark looking as good as it does. Rebuilding, refining the grid, taking apart, rebuilding. Concepts like this may seem simple, creating them is a different story.

Check out Rosie's post here where she explains the theory and inspiration behind the concept.

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