Orientiva | Identity design for a Personal Coach

Hoy People! 🌞

Here's a project that i'm recently working on.

It's a really exciting project for me, because I'm
working on it from the logo & brand name creation to building the website. 🥳

Orientiva a personal coaching brand, focusing on career orientation, communication and proactivity.
Coaching is the field I was never walking on, so it took some research to get into the right direction.

The main objective was to create an Identity which stands out from the crowd (mostly turquoise colors, and businesslike tone of voice) make it personal, but not go too far from the target audience (20-40yrs)

The logo had an older version, which I refined into a modern form, as you can see on the third picture.
And how the Hummingbird comes here?
Because it's tireless, purposeful way of life, which is a metaphor of the brand.

The brand name Orientiva comes from the word 'orientation' and the 'iva' which is a shortening of Intelectual Value Added.

The next stage is the Website
I'm so excited! 😁

Project Roles: Identity Design | Web Design | Sitebuild
Tools: Illustrator | Figma | WordPress

Feedbacks are always welcome! 🙏🏼💛

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