Weirdtober 011/031: Bishop…Lucas Bishop

Weirdtober 011/031: Bishop…Lucas Bishop, “It's been raining death all morning. But if I can help it -- it won't be all day”

Bishop has some great quotes – definitely hard to pick one for his feature.

Now I’m kinda wondering if Bishop inspired me to wear scarves? I mean you could say it’s classic graphic-designer attire [I’m wearing one right now], but maybe it’s that nerd-geek-life. 😅

Hopefully one day we’ll get more Bishop in the MCU aside from a tiny role, though did love him in the X-Men animated show!

If only he was real and could let us know what happens in 80 years, hell even like 5? [non-nerd-geeks, he’s from the future in the comics.]

No animation for Bishop, too, but still happy with how he and She-Hulk turned out ✊

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