Michael Page Redesign - Exploration

Hi guys,

Just wanna share some design exploration about Michael Page.

🎲 Why I do the redesign?
- Right now Michael Page is taking the lead of job marketing out there, So as the pioneer they should try to improve their site to maintain the retention of their users.
- Their site is not really engaging if we compared to other similar competitors, this thing will be trouble if run on a long time and it's not a good sign for a business

🎯 Solutions
- Provide a clear web information structure
- Provide a better layouting and information so users understand what are they looking on this page

👑Design Ideas
So the ideas, I want to bring keep the design more informative, try to keep professionalism feels by using strong typography and minimalist layout.

Please let me know what do you think about this exploration!

Also, feel free to feedback and comment. don't forget to press "L" if you love it. Thanks!

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