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I thought I would join the masses doing animated .jeff stuff here. (Yeah, I call them .jeff's not .gif's ...I like to stay ahead of the debate by making up my own word!)


This project was an insane amount of work. Along with Xbox Broadcasting and errrr, some other upcoming awesome things we are doing at Twitch - its an insanely busy time for us here.

We completely reworked the entire application for iOS 7. The top level navigation is always a swipe away (iPhone), and we now include broadcaster profiles. Through profiles, we aren't completely revolving the app around the 'live and on right-now' experience of the past as you can also find people who are 'offline'. What that means is, you can search for anyone on Twitch whether they are live and broadcasting or not. Follow them whenever and generally check up on broadcasters before they start their show.

So, your Following section now features both Live and Offline broadcasters as well. This will pave the way for a much requested feature in the future ;). We reworked search. We reworked... a lot of stuff...

One area that I personally enjoy (and I'm biased) is the new iPad player with chat and video side by side. You can swipe the chat in and out easily with a simple gesture from the right ...and the video scales nicely to accommodate. Not only that, when you tap to bring up the keyboard we made sure that the video and chat are never covered. So you can now keep watching and view chat while you type all those Kappa emotes. Oh yeah, we have an emoticon selector now as well!... go nuts.

All the little things... and still some little things need polish... perfectionist :/ ...3.0.1 soon! :p

Find out more and get a better explanation including a feature breakdown and video on our blog :)
Hope you enjoy it

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