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Sharing some web app designs from the Endplan project. The idea of the app itself is to allow users to easily manage their assets, debts, and general documentation in preparation for something unexpected.

BB Agency had the pleasure of partnering with Endplan, a UK based asset management startup that prepares people for the unexpected. We haven't been working with that many startups lately, but the idea and vision behind the product really inspired us to deliver something fresh.

Endplan is like a digital will where you map assets, store & share documents, watch debts, and structure a trusted circle of family members, executors in case you no longer can manage everything.

BB Agency helped Endplan with a brand new visual identity, brand guidebook, web application, UI design, and Webflow implementation of the website. Everything was created, wireframed, and envisioned from the ground up, with the help and guidance from the Endplan team.

Thanks to the team behind Endplan for their trust to handover the project to us, as well as BB's fine talent including Michaela for her work on the branding, Adrian for his work on the web app, Stefan for his work on the website, Donny on his Webflow skills, and myself for Creative Direction.

Check out the LIVE SITE

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