Thank you for your service, veterans!
My dad served in the Marine Corps and when I was growing up I think a lot of my friends and cousins were scared of him because of that. Truth is my dad wasn’t very strict but you also didn’t want to fuck with him (unless you thought you could get away with it ha). He was pretty chill and always kinda let us do what we wanted for the most part. The one thing he always said to us was that you have to give respect in order to get respect in return. That has always been in the back of my mind throughout my life whether it’s choosing who I work with, who I am friends with or who I vote for.
This illustration is based on one of my favorite photos of my dad while serving. I’m not sure why it’s my favorite but I think it’s because of the mustache and Miller Lite.

Zac Jacobson
A graphic designer and illustrator based in Milwaukee, Wisc.

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