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Hey guys!

I made this shot fully in 3D and, man, it was fun! Initially, I just wanted to make another Dribbble shot, but then I felt like experimenting and... I got back to my senses 3 hours later when I was finishing the 3D scene 😄

The mobile app you can see above is for one of the products we made in partnership with Maslo, an AI technology and the world's first empathetic computing platform. During our collaboration, Zajno was in charge of integrating the technology into multiple products powered by Maslo, often creating these products from scratch.

Check out our Case Study to learn more about the project!

The products that we've been creating together with Maslo range from an emotional health platform to a companion for remote employees to feel connected and improve wellbeing. Maslo AI captures and processes unstructured signals like audio, video, and biomarkers to infer mental states, behaviors, and change in people over time.

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