Sector 9 x DKNG Artist Series Skateboards

We are thrilled to share that DKNG now exists in skateboard form! It’s always been a dream of ours to have the opportunity to design a skateboard deck, so when Sector 9 invited us to be part of their artist series, we jumped at the chance. As San Diego kids, we grew up riding Sector 9 boards so the match was a perfect one.

The new space travel themed series of DKNG decks and completes includes three different designs - “Launch” a 28” kicktail cruiser, “Navigate” a 34” cruiser, and “Encounter” a 38” freeride longboard. Each multi-ply maple deck includes gold foil highlights and die-cut grip tape. And the complete boards include Gullwing trucks and Nineballs wheel, all in custom colors to match the series.

We have lots to share about our journey creating these including classic sci-fi inspiration, our initial sketches, and a new process video documenting our illustration of each board. Check out our blog for more!

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