Locum Tenen Project

Started working with a company on a new web application that sounds promising. I'm not a very good designer and these are semi-working prototypes (no db, no conditional states) so there is still refinement to be done IMO. It's SO close... I've got all the marketing, sign-up, and account pages (I might post an account tool page) done for the site, it's very lightweight, responsive, full retina support, and our developer is currently standing up the DB and connecting everything. I'm really excited to have an alpha of the product out here soon so we can start inviting users and doing a LOT of user testing to make sure people will enjoy using it. It's been a great design exercise for me since I spend most of my time coding. I've had a lot of late nights but it's been such a fun project to be involved with. If it makes people happy and we can continue to make improvements, I'll feel pretty good. Ha.

The "Home" link in the header will be replaced with the company logo when that is finished (I needed a way to get back to the home page in the prototype) and the hamburger icon replaces "sign in ->" when a user isn't logged in.

There is a lot more content on the home page below what you can see but I can't share much at this point. I just wanted to finally post something since I've been a member here for a long time and never contributed anything.

If you made it this far in my ramblings... I could use some feedback. I know this doesn't show much but I'd like to get some ideas for improvement if this shot gets any exposure.

Posted on Mar 7, 2014
Josh Bennett
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