Wunderlist [iOS7] Redesign

I've done this small Wunderlist redesign last year around this time as part of internship interview for 6Wunderkinder and today I suddenly thought of, that given what's happened with iOS7 and Wunderlist iOS design over the year, my design could be actually pretty fitting now :)

I really like Wunderlist, but their aging (although still great) design sadly kept me from using it on iOS7.

So I opened my old PSD's, changed few things and here we go - Wunderlist iOS7 Redesign!

This was done quite spontaniously, so there are few thing that might be done differently, but I quite like it like this. Just a few screens, but you get the idea.

Check the attachment for bigger preview and let me know what do you think!

Funny fact - I thought about it this morning in the shower. (I'm not even kidding, it happens)


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