Shortly after the murder of George Floyd, writer, wellness advocate, and entrepreneur, Nicole Cardoza, started a newsletter about the ways in which white supremacy shows up in our everyday lives and what actions we can take to dismantle it. We were so inspired by her work that we asked if we could build a Slackbot to help the Anti-Racism Daily’s daily messages reach a wider audience. Nicole said yes, and we got to work.

The Anti-Racism Daily brand that Nicole and Max created is strong, to the point, and fulfills its intentions with apt typography and colours. What’s most powerful about this brand is how much it communicates with so few elements. Everything is intentional and rightfully unapologetic, like the typography choice of VTC Martin - “a non-violent typeface inspired by remnants of the Memphis Sanitation Strike of 1968.”

When our team set out to build the Anti-Racism Daily Slackbot, we wanted to create an /ARD logo that was inspired by and grounded in the brand’s intentionality. We landed with a bold logo that’s hard to miss or mistake for anything else. The wheat paste posters came out of a brief brand exploration phase but helped demonstrate the striking nature of the brand and its messages of social justice.

The Slackbot is free and easy to install on Slack in any workplace. You and your coworkers can check it out here.

Posted on Nov 5, 2020

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