AR Art Scanning App, Arturo

App Context
Arturo is a native AR art scanning app created during my UI course at CareerFoundry. The assignment was to create two versions of my chosen app—one native to iOS and one native to Android and map out user heuristics with sound and vibration.

My interest in art began in 2008 when I was majoring in art history. My professor was passionate, and he explored symbolism and historical significance that allowed me to appreciate art on a deeper level.

Art culturally and historically carries the culture of its people. However, the highbrow, academic nature of fine art keeps it from the everyman. Arturo’s goal is to be the art history professor in the user’s pocket; removing barriers of wealth, privilege, and education by giving anyone with a smartphone capable of AR access to in-depth and meaningful information.

Posted on Nov 4, 2020

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