I'm joining Spotify

Joining spotify

I am very excited to announce that I'm joining Spotify as a product designer. Together with the rest of the design and product development team, I'll be working on improving and developing the interface and the whole Spotify experience, on both the desktop and mobile apps.

I remember using Spotify when it was still in beta and thinking that this thing could be a total game-changer. And that's exactly what it became. I use it every day, and so does everyone around me. Granted, I'm extremely excited about actually getting to work there myself.

I would actually like to thank Dribbble and you, my fellow dribbblers out there for helping me get to where I am today. Ten months ago, when I joined this community, I was 19 and finishing my last year of high school. Back then, I had never shared any of my work with anyone and I didn't have the faintest idea what I wanted to do when I was done with school. I certainly didn't think my interest in design would ever amount to anything beyond a casual hobby.

Some people say that Dribbble's just a place where designers pat each other on the back, not critiquing each other's work as it was originally intended, but what's so wrong with that? Maybe a few pats on the back was exactly what I needed to get the confidence to pursue this as a career and believe in myself. So for that, I sincerely want to thank you guys.

Today, I'm still 19, but a lot has changed. I'm working as a designer at a company called Populate. We specialize in film production and web applications/websites, and we work with pretty high-end clients (hire us, we're awesome). I'll be working here until June, when I start at Spotify.

Spotify is amazing as it is, but I think there are lots of things that can be improved, and I'm going to do my best at doing just that .

PS. This sort of turned into a blog post, lol. Anyway...

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