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Form generator UI

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Hello dribbblers,

here is a little preview of a UX/UI web app concept I'm working on with a Canadian client. I have to say it's my first international collaboration and I'm quite happy about it. This web app is a form generator designed to be an intuitive, clean and powerful tool for creating complex forms in a few time. The sidebar contains drag & drop elements that will create editable blocks in the right side of the app. "myForm" is a provisional name used for the concept, the final product will have a different one.

This shot shows the default view of the form editor, when you need to create a new one. Some elements are in their "active" state to show you the concept but may not be active at the same time. I'll share more detailed shots about this project soon.

The guy you can see on the top right corner of the app is @Antonin Nhek, a talented friend of mine which is also on Dribbble. If you're curious, take a look at his work. ;)

Thanks for your time, have a nice end of week everybody!

Edit: A detailed view of the project can be found on Behance.

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