⌘+SPACE portfolio exploration

⌘+SPACE portfolio exploration

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Recently I came across the awesome platform ⌘+SPACE created by @michaeldick & @evandudla which creates an instant portfolio via your dribbble shots & info. This was a god sent for me as I am still lacking in coding ability (I know I need to learn asap!)

They mention that custom domains are on their way and i'm sure a whole bunch of other really cool customisable features which I'm really excited about so I thought I would play about and have a go at a future possible theme maybe.? who knows! Anyway this is what I came up with late last night!

I've got a lot time for ⌘+SPACE and would strongly recommend anyone looking to show off their dribbble shots in a simple & clean portfolio to check it out! Thanks @michaeldick & @evandudla

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