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Token is a smart ring for payments, building access, and much more that only works for you thanks to onboard fingerprint and proximity sensors. Once setup is complete using the companion app for iOS and Android, the ring works without a phone and only for you.

After reviewing the first iteration of the Token app, I began with some design concepts and user flows before ever touching a ring. Working with the engineering team, I rewrote quite a bit of the cross-platform QML code that drives the app with reusable components and interactive elements.

Using Sketch as a design tool and InVision for prototyping, I ran several usability tests of the app interacting with a non-functional ring before iterating on the setup, payment, and diagnostics flows. Once we had working rings, we continued testing using actual hardware and software, and have been iterating on the app ever since.

For more information about Token, the app, and the ring, visit the website at:

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