KIVA — A Higher Chocolate Experience™

While at Stout, I worked closely with Kiva Confections for several years. Like many projects and clients, there are folders full of great Kiva work that never got produced or fully realized. Thankfully, this project saw the light! You go, little buddy.

Last year we had the rare chance to rework the entire overarching Kiva brand and evolve it beyond the (solid & reliable) original brand from 2010. A key part of this update included their namesake line of cannabis-infused chocolate bars. We explored a million and a half directions before landing on a system that kept the brand equity of the cannabis leaf size and placement, but elevated it with a 3-dimensional deboss. The update also allowed us to introduce a more cost-effective system with one consistent box and interchangeable adhesive labels to differentiate flavor and ingredients, etc.

Plenty more brand stuff to share later. Eat your heart out (responsibly).

Work completed at Stout.
Creative Direction: Brian Gunderson
Photography: Eva Kolenko

Jordan Cullen
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