Day 21 Home Monitoring Dashboard #DailyUI

This is the dashboard for Mama's little bakery for the owner to track the orders, monthly income, and current balance and daily income.
The first session is for tracking the order. It is splited into 2 tabs, one for on-going order, one for reservation. Current state is reservation order tracking.
The first column will show the customer name. 2nd column will show the ordered cake type, order time. 3rd column will show the expected delivery date.
The 2nd session shows the calendar of the current month, so the owner has a better understanding of each day's income, if they click on the date, they will be direct to the financial insight page to learn in detail.
The 3rd session will show the current balance and daily income directly to let the owner have a clear concept of how much she has overall, and how much she earned today.

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