Analytics webapp Reports section

Here's a previously designed Reports section tucked into the new webapp design. When you're building agile, sometimes you have to think 2 steps ahead and just pray it works out. The rest of this app redesign was mostly new screens and heavy lifting, but the reports section basically represented the origianl application as we knew it.

This prototype hints at new opportunities for features, mainly the big rounded buttons;
1. 'Suggestions' of some code changes and items to tackle that might move the needle on these objectives. On the main page they are the top suggestions, but within the report context they'd be relevant to that report data.
2. 'Order Report' gives users the ability to purchase a new custom report from our professional services team. This was something we generally did as a courtesy, but I imagined a chance to have users demanding more and more, using up their contract allowance as fast as possible, and creating a new profitable product from this accordingly.

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