Real estate transaction simulator

Early exploration for a transaction simulator. The idea is to provide the simplest way to visualize the true cost of a move. The move being composed of 3 elements:
1 - Selling your current home
2 - Buying a new house
3 - Figure out the financing (transfer the equity to new house by financing only the Sale proceeds - new house purchase)

Of course this is clearly oversimplified and I'm thinking of how to include all the way to include all the various cost and edge cases since this is a very ideal and classic case of upsizing while using Opendoor services. Ultimately I would love to be able to build something that could cover all scenarios.

Our Home sale calculator is one of our most visited page and people seems to use it quite a bit (the visitors of the page spend 20x more time on than on any other pages). So I'm hoping to upgrade this experience at some point.

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