Arkade Motion Blaster

This is an interactive 3D model from a website we made for Arkade Blaster, an innovative controller for first-person shooters that gives players full immersion in the game.
Our goal was to present the product from all sides, in the most realistic way possible. That’s why we created a hi-res rendering of an existing 3D model using WebGL. We added textures, details, effects, and made sure it looks and performs great in the browser, on all devices. That last bit is harder than it sounds 😉

Check out the website to see the blaster in all its 3D glory!

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The Team:
Art Direction: Vladyslav Orlov
Lead Designer: Valentyna Sulima
Junior Designers: Olga Altuhova, Julia Tsukurova
PM: Masha Ozerova
Icon Creation: Sergey Tomkovich
Head Dev: Alexey Kalyuzhnyi
Development Team: Dmitry Olefir, Victor Kolesnik
3D Animation: Yurij Artyuh
, Dmitry Chernyshov

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