E-Scooters Ride Details

Being able to unlock an electric scooter really easily is one part of a good experience, but we also considered what happens to the interface while someone is riding the scooter. A solution was to display the most important ride details, such as battery life, travel time and distance covered in a minimal but expanded way, so the user can focus on what matters (and their safety!).

As a nice touch, we included the option of locking your parked scooter so no one can ride it, while you’re making a stop. This is a nice solution for example if you're stopping at a store and instead of ending your ride and losing your chance to continue it, the scooter can be locked while missing for a few minutes. We figured 5 minutes is enough time for someone else to unlock your scooter while you’re away.
Map Illustration Credits: Freepik.com

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