Homey - Task Management App for parents

This is my work as a participant in the Designathon Beginner Batch # 1 from dribbbleindo with the theme Task Management App.

This is the user interface design for the Homey application that I created.

Homey is a task management application made for parents with high mobility, so that even though parents are busy working they can still connect and control their children's activities.

In this application, there are several pages, namely the Home page, Task Page, Chatting Page, and Profile Page.

On the Home page, there are the names of family members and our daily tasks, when we tap on one of the names of family members then it will direct us to the profile of one of the family members, we can add their tasks and check what tasks have been/haven't been done by family members.

There is also a chat feature to chat with other family members.
Profile page to view and add our own tasks, edit profiles, application settings, add family members, and log out of accounts.

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