TMW you're following along, and you're like "I got this. I'm not gonna get distracted by the magician's banter this time. My eyes are glued to his hands. I'm totally gonna figure out this trick.", but then you realize you have no idea wtf is going on — literally, with anything — because you remembered you drank 3 of those 14% ABV Triple IPAs, and not only did you miss the slight of hand, but you're now passed out on the floor, drooling all over yourself, and dreaming of fuzzy white rabbits hopping out of hats firing uzis into the air and freakin' SAWED IN HALF WOMEN dancing on stage. Like their legs are on one side of the stage doing the 2-step, and their upper torsos are upside down doing pirouettes on their hands on the other side.

We've all been there.

Drink mystically. Conjure Brewing Co.

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