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Read Raptor — iMessage-style read-receipts & digests

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Read Raptor — iMessage-style read-receipts & digests assembly product read raptor read raptor read-receipt receipt notification imessage digest api integration

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Late last week I put together a quick homepage for an Assembly product called Read Raptor. In short, it allows you to integrate iMessage-style read receipts into your own applications, with the added benefit of digests that roll-up content that users haven't seen and delivering it at your discretion.

Like all Assembly products, Read Raptor is a mutual product, built and owned by the people who use it, and we encourage anybody to get involved and become a partner.

Check Read Raptor out at, or check out the product on Assembly

Anyone can get involved with an Assembly product. If you think you can help out in any way, check out Read Raptor's open tasks here. Completing tasks earns you a cut of the monthly revenue, so there's an incentive for people to contribute, moving the product ever-forward.

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