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Please see my latest live project -Seraphin.

🤩Seraphin - Your insurance finally simple.
With Seraphin, we decided to launch the first digital broker. Seraphin supports and guides each of its clients, directly from their sofa, in the opaque field of insurance. Seraphin, the digital broker who optimizes your insurance. Right now, Seraphin is the easiest solution to manage your insurance.

In the modern world, without adequate insurance - nowhere. This has already become a part of our daily life. There are a lot of companies that provide such services. But how among all to choose the one with which to ensure everything that we have?

How to differentiate in a densely populated market from other companies who are trying to be different? That was a difficult task that faced me. How to tell an ordinary person through a convenient and straightforward design about how easy it is to ensure absolutely everything in a few clicks? How to convey to the end-user that it is super convenient with Seraphim and you don’t need to go anywhere?

Together with the client, I made a strategic decision: simple and user-friendly design is no longer enough here. We decided to become so different from the site’s style: a mixture of beautifully drawn linear hand trotters, illustrations, buttons, and product presentation through a tangible interface. This was the key to the project - to be closer to the people who order insurance online. The accent color, which is used both in typography and in illustrations, is a complete product that loudly proclaims that it is with it that you will succeed not only easily but also quickly and very pleasantly. Seraphim completely changed the approach to insurance in his market. They created a blue ocean where there was a red lake. And I am insanely proud to have helped achieve a great common celibacy

Design — Sketch
Illustrations — Illustrator
Animation — AE

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