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Remember The Power of Sound, a little social project we made here at Zajno about the importance of green energy? What you see above is a 3D visual I made in Cinema 4D for the project. I got inspired by the aesthetic of the wind farm landscape we've got in the experience and made one of my own in 3D which was an interesting and enjoyable work to do.

A few words about the project. We made The Power of Sound at our first internal hackathon at Zajno. The topic was "Windmills" which referred to Don Quixote. One team wrapped it into fighting a monumental problem of mankind - climate change - by means of popularizing green energy such as wind, solar and even sound energy.

The idea is that person who goes through the experience - or plays the game - is tasked to make some noise to power homes by sound energy. Another meaning behind it is metaphorical - creating awareness about the importance of green energy that people can do sharing a post on social media after they've finished the game.

We've written an article about it, check it out for more detail. But more importantly:

Check out the experience and share it on social media!

And let me know how many lights you've powered! 💡😉

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