Alchemax Origins - A Mocktober Spider-Man Origin Story

I've wanted to do a Spider-Man mockup for Mocktober for a long time now, as I’m a huge Spidey fan, and well, you know, ‘web design’ (get it?), but always struggled to find a good angle for it.

I finally decided to go for it this year with this 'futuristic tech-corporation / origin-story mashup' mockup.

This was also my first time really using Procreate on my iPad (it had been well over 10 years since I've drawn Spider-Man, so this was a fun exercise getting back into it), which I used for the spider and Spider-Man illustrations in the mockup.

The 3D ‘Nano Textiles’ hero graphic was created using Three.JS, which was a neat and new learning experience for me as well..

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