Turbulent Displace Effect (Free Ae Cs6 Download)


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I've had several people ask about how I do that "jiggly line effect" on some of my animations so I set up an After Effects file for download to show you how it's done.

1. Add "Turbulent Displace" effect to an Adjustment Layer
2. In the "Turbulent Dispace" settings: pick your jiggle of choice by changing the "Amount" and "Size" settings to a lower amount. For this one I changed "Amount" to: 10 and "Size" to: 6
3. Find the "Random Seed" setting under "Evolution Options" and enter this expression: time*10
4. You have now put some Turb on it.

NOTE: You can also change the look of the turbulent by picking from the "Displacement" drop down.



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