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In this fast-changing world, taking care of your health is shifting to a different level, although the world’s current situation requires the opposite. This inspired me to create an application that will enable very busy people to book a specific time to visit a doctor and see the rating of doctors in a particular region. Such a Google Map for doctors.

😱 Problem:
For me, as an ordinary person, making an appointment with a doctor is a whole long story, especially in countries where the Coronavirus is raging very brightly now. Going to the clinic is a real challenge. I tried to relieve as much as possible the stress that accompanies the appointment with the doctor: no more queues and incomprehensible forums with reviews.

An application in which you can find all the necessary information before visiting a specialist, select a specialist, book a specific time slot with him, and leave a review. Transparency and convenience in every step that I, as a user, take when using the APP.

✅ Decision:
Modern, cute, clean, and intuitive design. The simple logic of searching and leaving reviews for doctors. Convenient ranking system, depending on the GEO location of the person. And cool illustrations complement the interface with bright and friendly elements. It seems that precisely this APP is exactly what you want to use, no matter how healthy you are, and just want to make a scheduled visit, or you have a temperature and you need to call a doctor home quickly.

What do you think?

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