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Check out the website design and animation we made for Normal Now in partnership with IDOL.

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Normal Now is a campaign that aims to popularize electric cars. Its core idea lies in drawing comparisons between “new technology” of the past - like computers and cell phones - and electric cars. The goal is to show that they too seemed weird at first, but they are normal now, just like electric vehicles.

Our task was to create an extraordinary, eye-catching website with smart motion design, delicious interactions, parallax and smooth transitions. According to the concept, the website had to be designed in the distinctive aesthetic of the 90’s when first sites started to emerge. Since the website had to articulate the “weird at first, but normal now” idea, we decided to combine retro elements with modern interface. We researched what first websites looked like using Internet Archive and tried to recreate the same mood and character. Besides drawing inspiration from those websites and blogs, we also borrowed some distinctive elements such as gifs, banners, fonts and font effects.

Let me know what you think about the interactions and animation in general! 🧡

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