Into Action Creative Jam Prompt #2 // ELECTION NIGHT

On October 21st, hundreds of artists, designers, animators and illustrators will come together for the INTO ACTION CREATIVE JAM, a 3-hour "create-a-thon" to drive early voting, civic engagement and democracy.

This live streamed, co-creation gathering will feature a series of special guest hosts - comedians, politicians, musicians and other high-profile artists who will issue prompts and creative briefs for participants as they create, share their work, connect with other civic-minded artists and learn more about the role artists have always played in driving positive social change and a healthy democracy.

Together, in real-time, we will mass-generate, action-oriented, social content intended to build momentum for voting and a more just society. We will produce inspiring, sharable illustrations and animations that Americans need to advocate for their family, friends, community and country to drive turnout and voter participation.

The INTO ACTION CREATIVE JAM is produced by TaskForce in partnership with MoveOn, WeTransfer, Acronym and For Freedoms.

Taylor Friehl
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