Mixconsin Craft Cocktails

Over a year ago, Andy from Mixconsin hit me up to redesign the brand identity and packaging system for his line of beverages. Mixconsin is a canned craft cocktail company inspired by Wisconsin tradition and quirky old supper clubs that act as hidden gems around here. The vibe was inspired by those supper clubs whose walls are lined with wood paneling, vintage artifacts, taxidermy and a scent of beer-battered fried fish.

The existing tagline, “take it outside” influenced some of the design decisions on the packaging. Since these cocktails are canned, I thought it would be great to show how you could enjoy them outdoors doing outdoor activities while disconnecting from screens and technology. So, the cans each showcase 3 different activities you could do outside while enjoying these drinks. Since the outdoors are a big part of this brand, we included a way you could recycle the can wrap and the can separately and a blurb about the brand donating to state parks, land and water conservation and other community organizations.

It was so rad working on this project from start to finish especially when the client uses your own Instagram feed as inspiration to how they want the brand to look rather than referring to other people’s work to emulate. Feels like you’re doing something right.

Also: I found a use for the wood grain texture I made by hand in 2014, which is in one of my texture packs available on Creative Market if you designers are interested. Only ten bucks for a good chunk of high-res textures.

Initial work created while I was at three-headed. More to come!

Zac Jacobson
A graphic designer and illustrator from Milwaukee, Wisc.

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