Page design iteration of PAV pet app

Hello everyone! This is a case for an Australian customer 。 After communication with customers, the design is the link between the pet client and the doctor, so as to facilitate the communication between the user and the veterinarian, online communication and offline store experience
1. The guided page is the layout of the scene design, and achieves the tonality of the product through the communication between users and veterinarians. The function point has been optimized and can be communicated by directly clicking the icon on the phone. Experience design is more convenient.
2. The personal information after landing will also highlight the function of the product, understand veterinary information and more activities related to pets.
3. For the user's pet, the service will be customized, the pet's medicine and the type of pet will be more humanized and convenient.
I hope you like it and feel free to comment and feedback. thank you!
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Posted on Oct 25, 2020
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