Sequel5 Sequel5 board game includes a rectangular game board divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant is divided into a series of adjacent spaces which form a rectangular grid pattern on the game board. The spaces in each quadrant bear indicia designating two of all but one card of a particular suit of cards in a standard playing card deck. Four corner spaces on the game board are designated as "joker" spaces.

In play, two standard playing card decks are shuffled together and are partially distributed evenly among a group of players. Players may be divided into two teams, or may play as individuals. In either case, each team or individual player utilizes a different set of distinct game tokens. An initial player discards a card and covers a matching space on the game board with a token selected from one set of game tokens. The player then draws a card from an undistributed portion of the shuffled cards. Play continues in sequential fashion until an adjacent series of horizontal, diagonal or vertical spaces have been covered by tokens of a particular token set. Preferably, play continues until two series of adjacent spaces have been covered by tokens from a single distinct token set. Particular card denominations are designated as wild cards and allow a discarding player to cover any uncovered game board space or to remove an opposing token from the game board.

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Posted on Oct 25, 2020