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Inspired by Don Boudreaux's post on currency imagery (, I began thinking more about how paper and metal money are old mediums of exchange and what currency in the future could look like if it were digital. I encountered a couple of interesting thoughts along the way, one being that notes of a certain value ($5 or $10 or $100 bills) wouldn't really be relevant in a digital future since we can send the exact amount of money we'd want to send and not have to assemble various notes to pay cash for goods or services. Input the amount you want to pay into your device and send it on its way. Another thought I had was the visual complexity associated with paper notes now wouldn't be necessary in digital currency since forging private keys is theoretically "impossible" while forging paper notes is still a favorite pass time of crooks the world over.

A problem that arose then was if we don't have notes of certain denominations, how do we correspond imagery with currency in a future where we send/receive the exact amount of money we desire? And why should we have imagery? Hmmmm. I have answers for these questions but I'm still working through them. In the meantime, I wanted to share my initial designs for this idea and maybe get some input on the above questions from our community here.

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