Solitaire / Medieval cards

A new project from the series of game design and app design. A game that has a wide audience. A game that almost everyone knows. A game that almost every one of us played and has certain memories of it. However, a game in which most of us tell ourselves "what a boring game". SOLITAIRE can't think of anything new and revolutionary ... in short.
I do not think so. I present to you my own concept of a boring, outdated game, which almost all of us know.

The concept is set in the Middle Ages, due to certain characters that occur in the game (king, queen). The game classically consists of four colors, in our case it's a kingdom that is fighting among themselves for a princess, a portion of kingdom, for a treasure. It's up to the player to accompany these four camps to a successful end, where each color wins. Due to the fact that in the standard game the goal is to sort the individual cards by character and color.

Erdir Oh
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