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This design will serve as an initial design document for a tool that will be accessible to both students and teachers via website.
Performing experiment

Experiment Workflow:

Before starting an experiment, when the student logs into the app, the first page they should see is the list of available experiments that have been published to them. The student can then select an experiment to start with.
A typical experiment workflow will consist of the below, but this must be customizable in terms of the ordering and the number of videos and survey packs that can be added
1. Summary page
2. Demo Video
3. Pre-experiment survey pack
4. Summary page (updated #1)
5. Topic 1 – Video 1
6. Survey pack for Topic 1 – Video 1
7. Topic 1 – Video 2
8. Survey pack for Topic 1 – Video 2
9. Summary page (Updated #2)
10. Topic 2 – Video 1
11. Survey pack for Topic 2 – Video 1
12. Topic 2 – Video 2
13. Survey pack for Topic 2 – Video 2
14. Summary page (Updated #3)
15. Final Survey pack

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Design - Adobe XD

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