October 23 - iPod Day

On this day in 2001, Apple introduced the world to their first iPod! When did you get your first iPod? I was given a 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle (illustrated in orange) from my work back in 2006 or 2007 for going above and beyond with a project! I loved that little device. (Too bad I can't remember what that project was!!! LOL!)


• Dust off your old iPod(s) and post a picture/memory on social media using hashtag #iPodDay.

• Listen to your old playlists, and welcome in the memories each song brings back to your mind.

• For some kicks and giggles, hand your old iPod to your kids. See if they know what it is. Ask them to turn it on, play a song, make a phone call, download a song from iTunes, etc! (Yes, the last few suggestions were trick questions)

Curt R. Jensen
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