Tentacle loop created with Moglyph FX

A quick tentacle looping animation I created with my Moglyph FX tools and a few native effects (vector blur, CC Glass, stroke wave...).
MoglyphFX has been used here to duplicate a simple ring shape glyph a long the X axis to mimic the squid's sucker cups, and mirrored them along this same axis thanks to a new 1 click "Symmetry" tool that will come with the next version of MoglyphFX,
Then I just extruded them with the C4D renderer within AE, and animate their 3D rotation procedurally with the help of the MoglyphFX Formula effector (in "wave" mode).
I just added an animated wave warp and some styling on top of all, and I must say I'm pretty satisfied with the result :)
The MoglyphFX new release (V3) will be available for free for existing version 2 users !
Grab it now on https://aescripts.com/moglyph-fx/

Posted on Oct 21, 2020

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