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Following a request to use the name “Geky”, the chosen label solution proposes a use of the Saxon genitive and an imagine of a key to induce an idea of affinity and to confer an idea of solidity and success.

The key
The key since the ancient times has an multiple symbolic meaning, only in few cases connected to its real use.
The strict meaning of the key is a metallic object to operate a lock or other lock-off devices.
Beyond the meaning of “guarding jealously” it may take on the more used one of “a determinant mean, the best way to obtain something”, or in metaphorical sense “a fundamental element which other things depend on” (the keystone) or also “according to a certain point of view, on the basis of this particular interpretation” (the interpretation key).

The key in dreams
When in dreams appears the key or when somebody gives the key to the dreamer, such imagine is connected to a good deal and success, means that one has a right tool to act, to make choices and and obtain what one aims for. The key appears in dreams in its double function of closing or opening, has a power to change things, a situation, and who is its possession is touched by the power which makes him a protagonist of what he is going threw.

The key is connected to symbolical meaning of a door, of every diaphragm to be passed, opened, unveiled, and in this exception has an initiative aspect expressed in a passage from one to another level of existence, from certain “before” to certain “after”.
The power conferred to this symbol gets lost in the darkness of times and is well represented in a function of the key to the Paradise, the key to the Kingdom of Heaven, in depictions present in different emblems of nobles and popes which express its temporal and spiritual power.
Since always a symbol of custody, safety, alliance and therefore the power: this is the current meaning of the key. Presence of the key in various epochs has always indicated a level of the importance of the protagonist: still nowadays an act of giving city's keys to somebody represents a gesture of respect and recognition.
The key during the time has always expressed changes of style: let's think about the Roman key, so essential and in the same time so artistic in its form and classic design, or about particularity of the medieval keys decorated with so many symbols, or more else about the elegant decorative refinement of the keys of the Venetian 16th century which have a visual similarity to the rose windows of lagoon's palaces as to the nebulous laces of Burano’s lacemakers, so delicate is their décor.
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